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Meet the CCSD Teacher: Sonia Earls of Hickory Flat ES!

Meet the CCSD Teacher: Sonia Earls of Hickory Flat ES!

We’re proud of our CCSD family’s dedicated teachers … and every week, you’ll get to know one of them better through a Q&A posted here. #CCSDfam



Sonia Earls
Hickory Flat Elementary School 
English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher 

What’s the most innovative idea that you’ve tried in your classroom? 
Teachers are constantly trying innovative ideas and some ideas we return to each year.  In the classroom, I’ve loved having various guest speakers (in person or via technology) share how they use a particular standard in their profession.  I’ve had some unique professions represented and I’ve invited guests according to my students’ interests. 
Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made him or her special?
One of my favorite teachers was Mrs. Craig, my first-grade teacher at North Roswell Elementary.  I remember that she truly cared about each student.  She would greet us each morning and spend time talking to each student. 
What can parents do to prepare their children for learning?
Rather than trying to prepare the road for your child’s journey, prepare your child for the road ahead.  By preparing children for the obstacles, the children can learn how to persevere and overcome obstacles.  It’s important to provide support and at the same time to teach independence. 
What are the obstacles to getting all kids to achieve?
One obstacle to getting all kids to achieve is the motivation factor.  What motivates each individual student?  What can I do to incorporate that motivation factor into my teaching and into my classroom?  Building relationships is always the first important step toward motivation.